Saturday, April 19, 2008

Eleanor rides again!

Very bad photos - just took quick snaps - but I had to write about the arrival of the new Eleanor Tote. I'll just go back a bit on this story - one of the things I have been most pleased about with Twice is working with the traditional materials that go alongside our vintage finds. As you may know, one of these materials is deerskin from a tannery in Glasgow that makes our Eleanor and Silvie tote bags. These have been a great success, but I have to admit that the success would have been even greater if the bags had had zips. I rather stubbornly wanted them to be very simple shopper style tote bags - but I think that, living in the middle of the countryside, my security issues are not those experienced by so many of my customers - and zips were obviously needed. However, I was really keen not to compromise on the original aim that the bags could be open shoppers as well, so the adding zips into the design was quite tricky. That was, until a lady at the Country Living Christmas Fair turned up at my stall with a bag with exactly the right zip closing - we had a amusing five minutes as I frantically photographed her bag on my phone - and then, in the New Year, we started amending the original design.

These things always take longer than you think and the first prototype arrived with me about 6 weeks ago - just in time for me to try it out on a long haul flight as cabin baggage. It was GREAT! Fits perfectly under a plane seat, takes masses of stuff and looks wonderful. We went into production shortly after that - and the reason I am writing now is simply that I am full of excitement because the first delivery has just arrived at Twice. I have also, as you will see from the photos, gone off piste a bit on the linings and have added a floral linen to the vintage tickings that we usually use.

And the other thing I am thrilled about is that we have managed to make the improvements, with all the extra work that they entail, but have kept the price the same. What a result!

Hope you like them too!
Best wishes