Saturday, February 26, 2011

Great news - at last our beautiful wooden Porridge Bowls are back in stock! I know lots of you have been waiting for them. There's a long story attached - looking back at my emails we started talking to our new makers last August - and it's a good illustration of some of the problems of trying to get things craftsman made these days. We did originally have our bowls turned in the UK but it became impossible to have them made at a price that we could work with, added to which there were problems with wood supply. I had resigned myself to the fact that we would no longer be able to offer them when someone brought wood turners in Slovenia to my attention. Wood turning is the oldest and largest home craft in Slovenia and particularly in the Ribnica region which has been known for it's wood work since the 1400's. These makers are right up our street! I have been working with the incredibly patient and helpful Stane to get the bowls just right - and we are thrilled with the result - the first bowls arrived here this week. And as a bonus, we have actually been able to reduce the price to our customers!