Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I've always been drawn to old fabrics and, as you may know, the nascence of Twice was in the old fabrics and blankets that I found when we moved into my husband's family house in Scotland seven years ago. I love used fabrics infinitely more than new ones, however beautiful the pattern, because of the wonderfully soft feel and dimming of colour that use has given them. I had always hoped for Twice to produce fabrics based on the huge archive of antique fabrics that I've built up over the years but, when we finally started doing just that this year, just printing fabric wasn't enough. I wanted to try and replicate the gorgeous 'lived-in' feel of old linens. It has taken a long time and a lot of perseverance by many people along the way but I think we really have cracked it. Our linens now go through several processes (which for obvious reasons I'm going to keep secret!) to achieve a wonderful softness and subtlety - but with all the strength of a new fabric.

At the moment, we have our beautiful Framboise linen alongside natural and bleached linen, all of which have been given our special treatment. Our next pattern is in the pipeline and I have plans for many more which will appear at Twice over the next year or so.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here's the thing. When I started Twice what we did was re-use old things and give them a new lease of life, hence the name. I remember looking at a pile of pretty cups and saucers and thinking - those would make good candles. I made about 20 and took them down to the Country Living Fair and sold out. At the time I hadn't seen any anywhere else - but now, of course, they're everywhere. I'm not saying anyone got the idea from me - I'm quite sure it had been done long before I did it, but my problem is that now I find myself not wanting to make them because so many other people are and, yet, they are so quintessentially Twice. What to do? Not sure.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just arrived! Our new notecard wallets have just reached us - it's always fantastic to see things that have been in development finally in the flesh. We're really pleased with these - showing two of our fabric designs, Framboise and Posy (fabric coming soon), the cards are of the best quality and come in a pretty wallet containing eight cards and envelopes. Wonderful.