Monday, February 26, 2007

London here we come!

Well, the nerves have really set in now - two weeks and counting until the Country Living Fair. This time in two weeks we will be driving down the M6 in a trusty Transit into uncharted territory. Minor angst trying to work out stock storage for the Fair - a) there is very little storage when you get there, b) we have discovered that I can't drive the transit due to an unfortunate little issue of an 'IN10' (Driving without Insurance) on my driving licence (don't ask - husband forgot to reinsure car, man drove into back of me, I had to produce insurance docs at police station - whoops! not insured! - 6 points and £250 later, marriage just about got through it) - anyway, the upshot is that I can't hire a van for five years, so husband is having to drive there and back. He will then have to leave the van at Heathrow while he comes back home to look after the children while I'm away and then pick it up when he comes back down the following Sunday to help me pack up, and then drive me and (hopefully very little) stock back to Scotland. Anyway, all this means that I won't have the van near me to act as a warehouse for stock and just a 1m x 2m space on a floor at the Business Design Centre - so, if any of you come to the Fair and find Twice on Stand G1 looking slightly empty, you'll know why!

We're just put the finishing touches to the stand infrastructure - this picture shows the first dress rehersal. Very pleased with how it all looks. In the forefront are our wonderful new Cot Quilts, which we are launching at the Fair. I am so pleased with how these have turned out. I have been thinking about them for ages - I wanted to find a way to use vintage patchworks in a different way - and this really works. We take the patchwork and back it with vintage blanket and then edge it using the fabulous Scottish natural linen that we use whenever possible. I think they will be a real heirloom piece - each one is very much a limited edition, with no more than two in each patchwork - I know I would have been thrilled to have been given one for any of my babies!

It's a glorious day in Scotland - I really feel we are through the winter now. It is light when the children go to school and light when they come home - it's always such a good feeling when we come blinking out of the dark into proper daylight - a palpable feeling of having got through it again! And the first daffodils are just about to come out.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Twice in Country Living - well, once, but Twice, if you know what I mean!

Great news - our hugely popular Sewing Rolls (a pile of which are shown in this photo) are in the March issue of Country Living. Subscription issues hit doormats this morning - and, already, the response has been fantastic. The sewing roll featured in the magazine is in a particularly pretty raspberry red floral French cotton dating from about 1910 - and we lined it with an apple green vintage blanket. One of the prettiest so far.

As you may know, we are exhibiting at the Country Living Spring Fair in London in March, so it is especially heartening to have made it into the magazine just before we exhibit. Really looking forward to it (although, as it is the first time we have exhibited outside Scotland, also more than a little nervous!) - and if the reaction to the magazine is anything to go by, it will be a very exciting time for Twice.

Not as miserable about the Scottish weather as I was in my last post - have realised that there is good snow in the Highlands and, if the temperature doesn't rise too much before Wednesday, I am off to Glenshee to ski with Ellie (eldest daughter) who is on half term. It's possible to be on the slopes in under an hour from here - and when it's good, it's very, very good (and, yes, when it's bad, it's HORRID!).


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Beautiful shoe bags need beautiful shoes ....

As you may know, Twice makes the prettiest and most luxurious shoe bags available! Using soft, vintage blanket with an applique pattern in one of our gorgeous vintage prints, and closing with ivory satin ribbons, our shoe bags will keep your shoes in the utmost luxury. But do your shoes deserve it? They will when you get to know one of our great Scottish secrets and a great friend to Twice - Helen Bateman. Helen is a highly talented shoe designer with a very loyal following through her shops in Edinburgh and Inverness. Luckily for the rest of the country, her shoes are also available through her website at

One of the really helpful things that Helen produces is her Basics Collection - a range of classic shoes and boots which don't change, so that you can always replace that favourite staple in your wardrobe. I'm just about to replace my kitten heel black suede ankle boots as the current ones have been worn to death - and I love the fact that the new ones will be just the same.

So, check out Helen's website and then you know where to get the shoe bag that your new shoes deserve!

It is really miserable here today - horribly cold with non-stop sleety rain - and none of the snow that we were promised. Only one thing for it - a roaring fire and a good film!

Best wishes